Job Openings

Education Director, Peace Lutheran Preschool and Daycare

Peace Lutheran Personnel Vision Statement:  At Peace Lutheran, we work toward the common goal of a faithful, Christ-centered ministry.  As staff members, we model for the congregation what it means to live as followers of Jesus.  As such, we commit ourselves to support, trust, and respect one another in honest and gracious working relationships, which have their foundation in the love of Christ.

Purpose:  The Business Director and Education Director work together as the chief administrative officers of The Center.  The directors partner together to conduct the day-to-day activities of The Center within the mission, vision and policies adopted by The School Board.  The Directors are supervised by the Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church.  Both directors are accountable to The School Board independently, serving as a system of checks and balances to one another and for the Center at large.

The Education Director is salaried at 35 hours/week.

Responsibilities:  Within the policies developed and adopted by the school board, the Education Director has the following responsibilities:

  1. Administer the Center’s daily operation in compliance with the minimum standards specified by Texas Child Care Licensing and assure that all employees comply with these standards
  1. Maintain health and wellness standards of the Center, in accordance with State Health Codes and Texas Child Care Licensing requirements, including, but not limited to, ensuring accurate shot and medical records, administration of medication and overall health and safety.
  1. Identify the developmental needs of children, the professional needs of staff, and the support needs of families
  1. Implement the curriculum.
  1. Serve as the immediate reporting supervisor to all staff serving in direct supervision of children.
  1. Recruit, hire, supervise, place on probation, suspend and terminate employees of The Center with the approval of the School Board.
  1. Assign employees to positions based on their skills, abilities, and training
  1. Perform all tasks related to payroll of all employees in the payroll system, including but, not limited to employment on boarding and offboarding, semi-monthly payroll processing, and any payroll reporting requirements.
  1. Conduct staff meetings in conjunction with Business Director and plan for staff training needs
  1. Maintain personal professional development by attending training and study conferences
  1. Carry out designated administrative responsibilities including enrollment and attendance records for children and staff, monthly reports, and staff scheduling.  Perform other job related tasks as the need arises to maintain a quality program
  1. Maintain the employee and parent handbooks.  Administer and adhere to all personnel and operational policies included within.


  1. Serve as the primary backup to the opposite Director.  Maintain the minimum skills, knowledge and certifications required as per Texas Child Care Licensing, to fulfill the tasks and responsibilities of the opposite director on a short-term basis.
  1. Assist with the primary tasks of the alternate director as needed, in order to ensure that the critical tasks of the Center continue to operate normally and within the guidelines of Texas Child Care Licensing.  This could include during vacation periods, situations like peak enrollment, during special events, and any other times of year.  Additional hours and pay can be awarded at the discretion of the school board.
  1. Mentor all employees as appropriate based on the needs of the employee, Texas Child Care Licensing requirements and the skillset of the applicable Director.
  1. Monitor staff and program effectiveness
  1. Maintain records and files for The Center, the children and staff as per Texas Child Care Licensing requirements, and in accordance with any other state or county laws.  Education Director is primarily responsible for facility operations records, along with student and teacher/caregiver records.  Business director is primarily responsible for financial related records.
  1. Promote parent involvement, including participation through Parents for Peace (PFP)
  1. Maintain a public relations program that includes marketing the Center and providing public information, as needed and appropriate.
  1. Maintain the social media footprint of the Center, including but not limited to the Facebook page and the Center’s Web Site.
  1. Maintain positive interpersonal relationships with staff, children, parents and Peace Lutheran Church, and Parents for Peace (PFP)
  1. Oversee fundraising events. Participate in school events, activities, and board meetings held outside of work hours as required.
  1. Attend services and activities held by Peace Lutheran Church, as appropriate and related to the Center.

Qualifications for Education Director:

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in Child Development or Early Elementary Education (EC-3, Early Childhood through 3rd grade) or a bachelor’s degree with units in the field, as per the qualification requirements of Texas Child Care Licensing for a Director.
  1. Minimum of six college credit hours in Business Management.
  1. At least five years of experience in a licensed childcare center
  1. Membership in a professional organization or educational institution–e.g., National Association of Early Young Children (NAEYC), Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA), Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA)
  1. Obtain and maintain a current Texas Food Handler’s Card, SIDS training, and Certification in first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  1. Pass a criminal background check prior to employment.  No criminal conviction of a felony, violent crime or any crime involving moral turpitude, child abuse or neglect.

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to