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Since 1983, Peace Lutheran Preschool and Daycare has been committed to providing a safe, loving and Christian environment, filled with developmentally appropriate learning experiences for every child.  Peace provides year-round, part or full daycare for children ages 6 weeks through kindergarten, and enriching summer camp, before and after-school programming for elementary learners.  Through a cooperative partnership between parents, staff, and Peace Lutheran Church, our mission is to nurture children, to develop positive strengths, ethics, and skills necessary to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives and to meet the challenges of our world.

                                                      Coronavirus Practices

We have developed the following procedures in accordance with local regulations, state law, and federal guidelines.

Covid Policy (Adopted by the board 3/24/2022)













*PLPD will continue to:

  • Require frequent hand washing of staff and students.

  • Frequently sanitize all indoor surfaces.

  • County, city or state mask mandates supersede PLPD policy.

  • If a child or staff member is feeling unwell, they should stay home and call the office to inform the school of their symptoms. If any staff member, student, or parent is exposed to COVID-19, said person(s) must immediately report exposure to the Education Director, their supervisor, and/or the School Board.


PLPD Discount Card Fundraiser

PLPD is offering families discount cards to local establishments.  They are $10.00 each and expire October 1, 2022.  Talk to the office personnel for information.

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