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Welcome to

Lutheran Preschool

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*Providing Exceptional Learning &  Care for Children 6 weeks- Pre K

*Before & After School Care &      Summer Camp


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We desire to care for infants warmly and affectionately to let them grow while feeling secure. In this class, our teachers play music, read stories, and give infants the physical attention that is so important at this stage. 

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In these rooms we encourage independence, imagination, imitation, play, and expression. We provide opportunities to meet the children's needs by including story time, music time, carpet time, sensory activities, outdoor time on a special playground intended for the age group, and playtime. 

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Welcome to our Twos classes! Our 2 year old's are discovering and making more sense of their world. Their verbal skills are exploding and potty training is in full force. We encourage exploration and imagination through the use of story time, music time, carpet time, sensory time, outdoor and indoor play, and the beginning of a specially designed curriculum. 

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Each class is unique, but they follow the same theme. The teachers encourage each child to reach their own potential using various learning styles. At PLPD, we have an active learning curriculum. We achieve this though our specially written curriculum, story time, carpet time, outdoor time, and playtime.


Every classroom has its unique community. The role of the teachers will be to assist each child in developing their potential and learning styles in order to become ready for Kindergarten. Peace uses specially designed curriculum that incorporates and introduces various learning styles and meets the needs for your child to be prepared for their next adventure!


Summer Camp

Fill out the Registration Packet and email it to the front office or stop by to turn it in. Hurry because we fill up fast! 

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Our Approach

Understanding that every child can learn and has individual needs and skills, PLPD provides a wide range of positive learning opportunities to foster the healthy development of the whole child - social, intellectual, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual. Our Active Learning curriculum is based on child-centered teaching practices that encourage cooperative and play-based learning experiences that are designed toward academic readiness. The multi-cultural enrollment enables children to learn, accept and appreciate the differences among people. PLPD recognizes that parents are an integral part of every child’s development. Parental involvement is actively sought, encouraged and welcomed to enhance each child’s positive self-image and love of learning. The program will daily incorporate and exemplify Christian perspectives. Since children learn as much by observing others as they do by direct instruction, staff members recognize the importance of appropriate role modeling.

Beliefs within our vision for developmentally appropriate child-centered curriculum include:

  1. The classroom environment is designed to encourage autonomous, child-directed, process-based learning with opportunities for guided practice from the teacher and/or through social interactions with peers. Learning is what children do; it is not something that is done to them.

  2. Child development is an individual process encompassing unique and individual rates of growth often unrelated to a child’s age.  Classroom activities are differentiated based on individual developmental level and individual learner interests.

  3. Children learn diversity through inclusive instruction in the classroom that recognizes unique differences.

  4. Children’s experiences shape their individual motivation and approaches to learning.

  5. Each child has an opportunity to work in a variety of high interest centers using an assortment of materials.

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