2 Year Old Classrooms

Your toddler is given the opportunity to play with others. Play is a great way for your toddler to make friends and learn how to be with other children. But don’t expect sharing and taking turns just yet. Toddlers still think that everything belongs to them.


Our teachers will encourage everyday skills, like using a spoon and putting on shoes. These skills involve both small and large muscle movements, as well as your two year old's ability to think about what they’re doing.


Teachers are constantly talking to your child. Naming and talking about everyday things, such as body parts, toys and household items, like spoons or chairs, helps develop your toddler’s language skills. At this age, we can introduce and teach your child that a chair can be a "big chair", "red chair" or even a "big red chair".


Give meaning to your child’s talking by listening and talking back to them. If our student says "milk’, we might reply by saying "Would you like some milk?" This also makes your child feel valued and loved. These are just a few of the many skills that our staff will help your two year old child achieve.