Jr. Preschool Teachers 

Ms. Patricia Rayner

Hello to the faithful Peace Lutheran Community. My name is Patricia Rayner. I am an El Paso native and mother to two children, David and Kim, and a grandmother to one named Noah.

I have been an early childhood development educator for about 15 years. In that time I have had many roles and worked with various age groups. As well as working alongside and learning from incredible teachers such as those here at Peace Lutheran.

What I cherish most about being an Early Childhood Development Educator is the ability to help teach and encourage each child as they progress through their learning journey.  I believe in each child’s abilities and enjoy providing them with engaging learning opportunities. Whether it be through art, play time, reading etc.  I love seeing each child create their own story and allowing their imagination to run wild. Through my years of experience, I have seen many children grow and develop to be bright, creative and caring individuals.


I am enthusiastic and grateful to be apart of the Peace Lutheran community where I can continue doing what I love and most passionate about. Providing each child with a safe, inclusive and creative learning environment.

Sharpened Color Pencils

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