Creative Curriculum for Pre-K Twos

This year our program will use The Creative Curriculum for Twos, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum, which features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills. The curriculum is based on 38 objectives for development and learning that focuses on all the areas that are most important for school success: social-emotional, cognitive, math, literacy, physical, language, social studies, science and technology, and the arts.


Some of the expectations for social-emotional skills consist of building friendships with a preferred child, expressing their feelings verbally, being able to separate from their parents, and seeking to do things independently. Some of the expectations for cognitive development are to be able to identify certain shapes and colors, seek to solve problems, and remember our class routine.


Our math and literacy expectations are matching, working with patterns, counting and recognizing a few numbers, singing songs, orienting a book correctly, and being able to recognize their name. As for physical and language goals, some expectations are to experiment with different ways of balancing, holding a crayon with their whole hand, begin to work with scissors, follow two step directions, engage in simple conversation, and use social rules of language.


For social studies, science and technology our expectations are for the child to demonstrate self awareness, explore change related to familiar people or places, demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of living things and knowledge of
the earth’s environment.


Some of the expectations of the arts consist of exploring music and dance, and exploring drama through actions and language.


At the two-year old level, we are going to emphasize the following:

1. Immersion -the best way to learn two languages is to dive in
2. We are going to incorporate the students’ interests
3. We are going to encourage creativity
4. We are going to acknowledge/celebrate students’ different cultures

We understand that each child is different and learns in his/her unique way. As a two year old teacher our main goal is to encourage our students to keep trying and not give up. To allow them to learn at their own pace and to help them discover what they are capable of learning on their own all while having fun. We encourage our students to learn through play and have found this to be effective.

Pre-K Two Teachers

Blanca Estrada

I was born in El Paso Texas, but I was raised in Juarez, Mexico. I come from a big family with 6 sisters and 1 brother. As we got older little by little my family began moving to El Paso. I live with my husband and two beautiful daughters. I enjoy reading and listening to music on my spare time. I also enjoy creating crafts with my daughters. I attended “Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Universidad Normal Superior Porfirio Parra and Universidad Pedagogica Nacional” and earned a Bachelors and Master Degree in early Childhood Teaching.


Prior to working at Peace Lutheran Daycare and Preschool, I worked as a Preschool and Elementary school teacher in Juarez. I have always enjoyed working with young children and contributing to their development. I like to prepare colorful materials to help ignite a child’s imagination. I always try to incorporate readings from books and poetry as well as art and music to help children explore and develop many skills. It is truly wonderful to be part of a child’s development and watch them become the future of our community. I am grateful to be part of the Peace Lutheran Family.

Shawntay Ballard

Hello, my name is Shawntay Ballard. I have been part of Peace Lutheran Preschool for about six years. I am excited that we got a wonderful team of teachers and an awesome director! We are all like family here! I immediately fell in love with the school, the teachers, and the community. And whoever steps on board with PLP becomes part of the family; including you and your child!

I grew up in El Paso and I have an associates degree in applied science and have learned so much from it! I love kids and I love to watch them grow and I can’t wait to educate your child and also learn from your child! All children I believe are equal but each child is unique, therefore they learn at their own pace. I will provide your child with the love, growth and the support! I love all ages but the two’s has always been one of my favorites! My favorite is music and all the exploring we get to do at this age. I know that play is a child's most important work, so my goal is to create and maintain a fun environment where your child can grow and explore the world around them. “The impact I make in their lives makes for an even bigger and completely gratifying impact in my own life. “

I can’t wait to spend this time on learning and growing with you and your child!

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