Pre-K Three Goals

  • Recognize, make connections with, and practice Christian character traits.

  • Play and manipulate the sounds of language (phonemic awareness).

  • Make connections between print and sounds (phonics).

  • Develop a growing sense of accomplishment as they read and write using CVC words and sight words, both in and out of context.

  • Enjoy the rereading of favorite, predictable story book

  • Develop number concepts through play.

Pre-K Three Curriculum

Pre-K3 uses Creative Curriculum, which is based on evidence and experience through
center choice play and monthly topic studies. The activities work to develop Social skills
through small group activities, interact and share with other children. Creativity through music,
art activities and dramatic play experiences. Students develop Motor skills through art,
outdoor play, writing, and use of manipulatives. They develop Independence and Self-esteem
through care of classroom environment, clean up, and serving snack. Your child will develop
Cognitive skills by exploring science, math, social studies, and language activities. Field trips
are currently postponed until further notice. Through this guided play atmosphere your child
engages in a creative learning exchange between the mind, body, and environment – and
connects with his/her world!

Pre-K Three Teachers

Victoria Ortega

Hi, my name is Miss Victoria and I am 31 years old. I am one of many, great
preschool teachers teaching at Peace Lutheran. I was born in Las Cruces NM, yet
have had the opportunity to move across America, while also having the chance
to reside in another country. El Paso, has been one of my favorite places to live. I
currently enjoy most of my time with my boyfriend and our poodle as we love to
travel the world when we can. I have been teaching in this wonderful community
for a total of six years. Five of those years were working with preschool and one
of those years, I got to work with the wonderful twos. Though the twos are great,
I have found my passion to be working with preschooler’s, in helping them
achieve there major milestones. Before working at Peace Lutheran, I was
attending the University of Texas at El Paso where I graduated from and received
my Bachelor of Education EC-6 in 2014. I am also fully certified to teach early
education through sixth grade in the great state of Texas. The grounds in which I
teach are simple, a teacher will never stop learning new skills and personal
development of each child and will be achieved with the use of definitive education.
My goals as a teacher are, to fully reach every learning style each child needs,
provide a positive classroom environment, and give the love and support each
child deserves.

Shawntay Ballard

Hello, my name is Shawntay Ballard. I have been part of Peace Lutheran Preschool for about six years. I am excited that we got a wonderful team of teachers and an awesome director! We are all like family here! I immediately fell in love with the school, the teachers, and the community. And whoever steps on board with PLP becomes part of the family; including you and your child!
I grew up in El Paso and I have an associates degree in applied science and have learned so much from it! I love kids and I love to watch them grow and I can’t wait to educate your child and also learn from your child! All children I believe are equal but each child is unique, therefore they learn at their own pace. I will provide your child with the love, growth and the support! I love all ages but the two’s has always been one of my favorites! My favorite is music and all the exploring we get to do at this age. I know that play is a child's most important work, so my goal is to create and maintain a fun environment where your child can grow and explore the world around them. “The impact I make in their lives makes for an even bigger and completely gratifying impact in my own life. “
I can’t wait to spend this time on learning and growing with you and your child!