Jr. Preschool  

This is peak tantrum time. They’re all different, but plenty of 2 to 3 year olds have one every day. The key tips are to distract them when you sense a tantrum coming on (the old trick of pointing out something "amazing" gets them every time) and to stay outwardly calm and remove them from the situation while they calm down. 

It’s very common at this age to want to be independent one minute and revert to being a baby the next, even trying to drink from an old baby bottle. Playing at being a baby often helps reveal feelings they can’t yet express in words.


Around 2 ½ is a popular time to begin potty training. They are old enough to be up for it and interested in the idea of becoming just like mommy and daddy. Their interest in the process is key, so if they don’t seem that interested yet, it’s a good time to buy a potty and encourage them to sit on it once a day, and introduce the idea of going potty gradually.

By now your little one may be in the middle of their language explosion, or perhaps has just been through it. This is when they’re learning new words at a dizzying rate and their vocabulary triples in a few short months. It’s also when they begin to put two words together, (Mommy car) then, by 2 ½ years old, three word combinations appear (Mommy drive car). By now their pronunciation should be quite good, although it may not be spot on until nearer three or a bit later. When you ask them something, wait a good 5-10 seconds to give them time to reply. If you let them choose the topic of conversation, they are more likely to chat.