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Fun & Creativity

Summer Camp

June 12 - August 4, 2023

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We encourage music in all classes. Music is a great way for children to be exposed to various educational concepts. 

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Children need movement for healthy bodies and mind. We encourage dancing, learning, and play through movement to enhance each child's gross motor development as well as brain development. 

ABC Cubes


Language development is encouraged in every age group. We use developmentally appropriate strategies to encourage vocabulary and blossom each child's language abilities. Most of our classrooms are bilingual and teachers speak to children in both Spanish and English.

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Starting with our toddler class, we begin to scaffold mathematics. We use a specialized curriculum that starts with exposure through play. As the children grow through our classes, the curriculum increases in it's rigor. 

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Outside Play

We have a specific playground that is developmentally appropriate for each age group. Our teacher actively monitor all outside activities. 

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